“What kind of Europe do we envision for the future?"

Sain marraskuun puolivälissä tilaisuuden osallistua Euroopan tulevaisuutta koskevaan konferensiin Berliinissä. Siihen osallistui 80 eri alojen edustajaa. Ohessa raporttini:

Report on Berlin Meeting from 15th to 18th of November 2012

My arrival to Berlin, the capital of numerous impulses, was unforgettable. In arrival hall stood Mr. Bernd Flieger, from the  main UPF office of the city with poster of my name. He took me to the hotel, even carried my luggage to my room. The Conference Hotel Allegra was located near the Bahnhof Friedrichstrasse, familiar to me from the time  when my daughter stayed in the city for 11 years and every now and then needed my wife and me as  babysitter.

Next morning our conference on “What kind of Europe do we envision for the future?” started at the European Center for Information. As a Finn I was proud to see around pictures of Olli Rehn at EU-News leaflets. About 80 people were gathered, some of  them familiar from previous meetings, like UPF president, Dr. Song. The programme was  initiated by the  Unification Movement president in  Germany, Dr. Dieter Schmidt. The plurality of political movements and different kind of religious groups is a permanent challenge to all established institutions and  churches. The following lectures highlighted the role of families as a core societies.

The next session was dedicated to the problem of political crisis under a motto:  “A more united Europe, but how?” The speakers were again very well prepared. The presentations reflected   the political crisis and the role of local or regional authorities in the future when aiming at democratic models. Also topics like   national identity and federal integration was considered. One of the key issue is how to guarantee dignity of life for more and diverse groups of immigrated people, very many living  in an new country without   citizenship and the rights connected to it.

The rest of the day was  devoted to the future of youth and women issues. Mr. Juan Ignacio Fernandez  Torres told about the World Youth Alliance. This is a global coalition of young people, promoting of the human values in policy and culture. The organization is committed to building open and just societies, to defend right to good life, cherish and foster solidarity as well as  mutual respect. According to the speaker young people are looking forward to finding “purpose and meaning” for their future, they  need a promise of security.

Also A Women`s Panel was rewarding, especially when the Finnish born Seija Kuenzig highlighted the dignity of life as a cornerstone for the European community. Her speech was clearly structured   and advocated for the equality of both sexes. Gender values are an essential element of the teaching in the Bible  as well as in Quran.

The last day  was focused  on  the financial crisis of Europe, especially Greece. One of the lecturers was Prof. Antonio Galloni, board members of Italy`s National Pension Fund. Unfortunately h e used most of the time given to him to arguing that his presentation of 45 minutes was limited to 25! The speakers analyzed the connection of economic freedom and economic development, the level of education, health care and level of poverty. Europe needs a new vision and innovative approaches to peace.

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